About Us

Cartography & Cloture began as a generic travel blog in February, 2017. It was poorly maintained, rarely updated, and, most importantly, boring. These facts, coupled with the increasingly poor nature of writing in large scale travel publications, led to the formation of Cartography & Cloture 2.0, a digital media start-up focused on delivering long-form content through a variety of platforms.

Cartography & Cloture 2.0. will explore stories at the intersections of travel, politics, history, and culture through a host of different platforms. As digital natives, storytellers, and insatiably curious humans, we’ll consistently work to involve and improve both the quality of our content and the way you experience it. Regardless of what the future holds, Cartography & Cloture will remain committed to long-form storytelling and narrative driven content.

We’ll also continue to add more general pieces in order to (largely) contribute to my (hello, Josh here!) portfolio, because I’m a poor freelance writer and need to eat!