Flightdrop Review & Interview


We sat down with Jack & Aaron, the makers of the new flight deal app Flightdrop. The app is currently free to download and features some pretty incredible travel deals, including ones from smaller American airports like Cleveland, Oakland, Detroit; pretty exciting news when you’re based in Des Moines, IA, and rarely get flight deals that don’t require lengthy and expensive positioning travel.


Jack Kim – Founder & CEO
Aaron Tian – Head of Growth


As it stands, Flightdrop’s team curates some of the best deals per region each week (there are eight regions across the U.S., Canada, and Europe) and delivers 2-3 of those to users.

The app is relatively new, but we’re fans of its simple UI and friendly tone.

After deciding to book, users will be directed to Google Flights to search for the deals mentioned and book them independently of Flightdrop. The team also has a referral program that moves you up levels per referral. We’re at the bottom of the program, alas, but more referrals means more flight deals, and anyone referring 150 people gets a free round-trip flight! We’re not sure there are 150 people in the world we actually like, but some of you hustle with the best of them, so we’re sure 150 isn’t too arduous.

We haven’t booked any flights through Flightdrop yet, but we’re sure Flightdrop will become an integral part of our travel booking arsenal.




1) What’s the full backstory on Flightdrop’s founding? 

Jack: I found myself failing my classes at Stanford because I spent most of my
time building side projects instead of attending lectures or doing classwork. I’ve
always been obsessed with making products since I was in middle school and felt
that I learned so much more from these projects than from school.
So I eventually decided to take a break and focus entirely on doing what I really
liked. I packed my life into two suitcases and booked a one-way ticket to New
York. I had no friends or relatives there whatsoever but had this internal compass
that blindly told me this is the place I should go to “make it big.” From there on I
grinded at a couple startups for experience while simultaneously making and
launching as many new products as possible. Flightdrop is one of those products –
a result of everything I’ve learned from 20+ successful and failed products!




2) What’s your monetization plan?

Aaron: We want to focus on providing the best value and experience possible to
our community right now. As such, we’re not planning on monetizing Flightdrop
just yet.


3) What have your metrics been since you launched? Growth, downloads,

Jack: We officially started marketing Flightdrop beta around a week and a half
ago, and we’re up to 1000+ downloads now. We’re not trying to throw too much
promo at it just yet – we first want to get as much feedback as possible from our
community of travelers and make sure we’re giving the people what they want.


4) Best travel experiences of your life?

Aaron: If I had to narrow it down to one, I’d say having a traditional meal with a
family in the Colombian portion of the Amazon. We chatted about the intricacies of
switching between their native tongue and Spanish, the myths and stories they
grew up hearing, and so much more. Not to mention it was some of the freshest
fish I’d ever tasted!


flightdrop-review flightdrop-review


Jack: For me, it was coming to Tokyo for the first time and the pure culture shock I
got being there. All the lights, the massive crosswalks, salarymen crossing with
teenage punks; There’s just nothing quite like it.




5) Most dangerous travel experience of your life?

Jack: Honestly, nothing comes to mind. Maybe I’ve been traveling too tamely all
my life?

Aaron: One time I rented a horse to ride around a national park, knowing full well
that I had zero idea how to ride. Turns out horses don’t like listening to orders or
slowing down so you can pull out a map and check where you’re going. I was
stuck on that galloping beast until some locals took pity on me and decided to
guide me back to the stables.


6) What have the team’s experiences been as minority/immigrant founders?

Aaron: Being a first-gen immigrant in America doesn’t just shape the way you do
business, it affects how you do everything. I’ve worked on plenty of teams where
people of different backgrounds were ignored or taken less seriously. It was
incredibly frustrating, but I learned from it.

I think Jack and I connected over this idea of Flightdrop not only because we’re
immigrants, but also because we see struggles that travel presents to different
kinds of people. You’ve got students paying off loans, employees being
overworked, immigrants being treated poorly, a million reasons to just stay put and
stay in your lane. And despite all that, we still understand how valuable the
opportunity to see the world can be.

We’re lucky to have a team at Flightdrop that’s not only diverse in skill, but in
personal background as well. It’s so important, especially working in airfare where
your users are literally traveling all over the world! Everyone has different needs
and perspectives when it comes to travel, and we hope that we can properly
represent them all.



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