Niche Journalism To Make You A Better Global Citizen


There’s no shortage of media companies producing information, though most of it is about pee tapes and whether or not the president is a racist (he is.)

Luckily, there’s also no shortage of entrepreneurial journalists and visionaries looking to right the world, one story at a time. Here are five of our favorite niche journalism sites featuring everything from stories about millennia old marijuana in the Georgian mountains to football at the University of Wyoming in the 60s.

One Story. A Team of Journalists. The brainchild of an award-winning Georgian journalist —  Natalia Antelava — who cut her teeth as a freelancer in Africa and BBC correspondent — and a former staff writer for The Wall Street Journal — Ilan Greenberg — Coda Story is making waves for their continued coverage of Russian actions and aggression throughout the world.

Operating out of Georgia and New York City, Coda Story picks overarching story themes — Russia, for example, and devotes teams of journalists to the theme, resulting in diverse information and stories all contributing to understanding a larger narrative.

Absolutely one of the best sources, sans a security clearance, CIA badge, or Doctorate in Russian Studies, on understanding the geopolitical machinations of Russia and Putin.

Some favorites of ours from Coda Story:

What began as a nascent blog grew into a platform for innovative explorations of the world and the forces at work in it — mainly food, booze, and the politics of food and booze. R&K is insightful, empathetic, and surprising — one of the most human publications around.

So human that they became the media company they are today because they drunkenly emailed Anthony Bourdain about investing and, in typical Bourdain fashion, he replied immediately and said yes.

Check out R&K for smart takes on international politics and travel guides to cities you never thought about visiting.

Some favorites of ours from Roads & Kingdoms:


OZY bills itself as “news for the insatiable.” We’d have to agree. With a slick website and focus on creating original content on everything from sadness among doctors to airlines in Azerbaijan, OZY is a place to visit and peruse daily.

*Extra props to OZY for doing several pieces on Haiti, a country we love and care about deeply.

Some favorites of ours from OZY:

We first learned about Topic when they published Black 14 (video above), and we’ve been hooked since then. Unlike the others on this list, Topic deals in content of all forms — from narrative fiction to documentary — and they continue to grow and produce quality content.

One reason Topic stands out is their commitment to monthly themes — from identity to the weather — and creation of incredible content for each of them.

If you’re looking to feel disturbed about Ted Bundy’s execution or learn about the children born of America’s first legal interracial marriages, turn to Topic.

Some favorites of ours from Topic:

More daily newsletter than journalism, the Daily PNUT’s work is no less phenomenal or robust. A more in-depth breakdown of daily events than theSkimm for those looking for deeper, snarkier dives into news of the day. Consistently well written, piercing, and at times provocative, Daily PNUT says what the rest of us want to.

Absolutely a must-read for sarcastic millennials with their eyes on passport stamps and atrocities committed by the Syrian regime.

As an added bonus, the Daily PNUT team includes relevant quotes from people of historical significance to open and close the newsletter.


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