Scott’s Cheap Flights Review

Is Scott's Cheap Flights worth it? Here's what we think.

Some of you probably saw the brief Twitter scuffle between our friends over at Scott’s Cheap Flights (SCF) and Airfare Watchdog (AWD). While we’re still unsure of the reasoning behind AWD’s subtweet of SCF regarding the premium program’s yearly price, we decided to dig into each operation and provide you with a short Scott’s Cheap Flights review based on our own experiences and research.Twitter exchange between flight deal finders Scott's Cheap Flights and AirFare Watchdog.

As a full disclaimer, I was one of the first people to sign up for Scott’s premium program and spent a lovely Christmas in Paris with my wife thanks to the savings. I also booked an absurdly cheap $300 RT ticket to New Zealand back in April of 2016 thanks to Watchdog, so I’ve used and been happy with both.

It is worth noting that Scott’s Cheap Flights only deals with international deals, so Airfare Watchdog is still one of the best for domestic flights discounts.

As such, we only looked at the international flight deals for this post.

An analysis of both Scott’s Cheap Flights and Airfare Watchdog’s discounted airfares over the past two weeks revealed that, while there was a great deal of overlap between the two, both entities had exclusive flight deals. AWD had more ticket deals originating from major metro areas, while Scotts Cheap Flights were distributed throughout the country. Some of the deals and error-fares even had discounts on Des Moines flights!


Sure, both offer some of the best flight deals around, but Scott’s has a superior social media presence and makes staying knowledgeable on the best sales easy. Scott’s Flights Twitter feed is consistently curated and updated, while Airfare Watchdog’s overabundant use of hashtags can be disorienting and ugly. The same can be said of their email blasts, though we acknowledge that they’re a free-service and need to subsist on ad revenue.

That being said, if you spend enough time scouring their web presence, you’re bound to find something great. You can always search the Airfare Watchdog website, which has a native flight search and booking feature.


Comparing the deals only sent out by Scott’s Cheap Flights to the average price of similar flights, the amount saved averages between $350 – $450 dollars, meaning booking one flight unique to SCF more than makes up for the annual premium subscription price of $39. Prices are $15 a quarter or $25 every 6 months if you choose either of those options instead. Scott’s also has a free version that provides a limited number of deals.

If you’re a casual traveler, we recommend Airfare Watchdog as one of the places you look for flight deals, especially domestic ones. As far as we know, they cultivate one of the best and most up-to-date deal websites around.

Experienced international travelers on the hunt for cheap flights should try the $39 annual premium subscription of Scotts Cheap Flights. We’ve seen flight deals to Haiti, Jordan, Morocco, Armenia, and everywhere in-between, making it the perfect service for adventure travelers or those who just want to bum around in London, hopping from pub to pub.


While we prefer Scott’s Cheap Flights for our international flight deals, Airfare Watchdog provides a solid service, especially considering it’s free. If you’re a frequent domestic flier or you have a penchant for last-minute travel deals, you should subscribe to both. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Other than your inbox overflowing with flight deals, you using all of your vacation time and money, and your cats not loving you as much. We aren’t speaking from experience here…


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