The Best Wine Podcasts


It seems that everyone and their mother has started a podcast these days. I can’t name how many really bad ones I’ve suffered through, all in an attempt to find entertainment while at the gym or on a long car ride. That being said, there’s a handful of truly wonderful wine podcasts out there, and I’ve broken down my favorites for you :

Wine for Normal People

Wine for Normal People is the first wine related podcast I started listening to and, as such, is my number one pick for podcasts you should frequent as well. Being a well educated wino is a daunting task and often hindered by the chortling of those more educated in wine at the expense of us, the normal people. Elizabeth Schneider, a certified sommelier and spouse of M.C. Ice, a certified normal person, do a great job of explaining wine in an easily digestible format that’ll leave your pride intact and your brain bigger.

Grape Radio

More highbrow than Wine for Normal People, Grape Radio is a great next step in your wine podcast journey if you have a decent grasp of wine world but don’t consider yourself an expert. Eric Anderson and Jay Selman, the two hosts of the show, are wine experts but, more importantly, wine consumers. A decent backlog exists if you want to start from the beginning.

I’ll Drink to That

Based out of New York and the brainchild of a sommelier and wine wunderkind, this podcast is more industry driven than consumer based, but they often have the best guests in the industry. If you’re just starting out in wine, I wouldn’t recommend this podcast unless you’re really passionate about the ins and outs of the wine industry but not necessarily what wine you should drink on a given Tuesday.