Three Things You Should Do in Kansas City

For those of you trekking to Kansas City to watch your team continue dancing, I hate you. My bracket is busted and my team took a beating in the second round. If my Cyclones managed to contain the insurmountable size of Boilermaker bigs Swanigan and Haas and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen, here’s what Team C&C would’ve experienced in Kansas City.

Place to Stay: The last time we made the voyage to Kansas City for basketball(ISU’s 2014 Big 12 championship win), we happened across the Hotel Sorella. Our room was large with modern amenities and decor and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there, though it was a bit of a trek to the Sprint Center. Sorella is more expensive than chain hotels in the area, but worth it if you want a more up-scale hotel for Midwestern prices. If you aren’t sold, here’s a review of Sorella by our more esteemed colleagues at the New York Times. Hotel Tonight still has rooms listed at the Sorella for the next couple of days.

For other great hotels in KC, check out this list from 435 Magazine.

Place to Eat: Kansas City is considered the best city for barbecue in the entire country. Better than Memphis, the Carolinas, or anywhere in Texas or Alabama. Much to my chagrin, I can’t remember what we ate on our last Kansas City adventure, so we defer again to the Kansas City natives at 435 Mag and to our famous neighbor to the north, Andrew Zimmern.

Places to Visit: Kansas City plays host to a vibrant museum scene, much to the delight of my inner history-nerd and the chagrin of Mrs. C&C. The one can’t miss is the National World War I museum, which remains one of the best museums I’ve ever visited, a sentiment shared by visitors from around the world. Check out the 9,000 red poppies at the entrance to the museum. Each represents the deaths of 1,000 soldiers of various nationalities, and it’s a stark reminder to how much, and how little, we’ve learned in the past century.


Though we’ve never been ourselves, something we intend to rectify in the near future, we hear great things about the Negro Leagues Baseball museum.

Enjoy your trip to Kansas City and best of luck to your respective teams. I’m torn between cheering for Purdue, who defeated ISU, and Kansas, who basically anyone in the Big 12 outside of Kansas fans hates. If you have a great time and want to suggest something, let us know!