Trying to Cure Wanderlust

Hello! Mrs. C&C here. The mister has been a little busy lately. He went on a five day trip to Haiti (he’s got some beautiful pictures and blog posts in the works for you) and is now with some family in Texas. I’ve been busy road-tripping between Iowa and Minnesota (which is just as exciting, I assure you). Looking through his photos makes me all the more excited for our next adventure. In the meantime, here are the ways Team C&C cures our terrible wanderlust.


Do I need much of an explanation here? I’m not sure there is a better to transport you to a different place (or even time) than books. I’ll leave it at that.

Currently reading: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. There’s a Parisian excursion involved, and a bit of a test to see how my Duolingo lessons are doing. Another book I absolutely loved can take you to the lovely city of Savannah -  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I hadn't heard of this book until we took a tour of the house in said book during our honeymoon in the southern city. While we found the tour left much to be desired, I couldn't put the book down. 

Forsyth Park - Savannah, GA

Forsyth Park - Savannah, GA


It’s always fun to watch movies in places you want to/have been to/are going to. A recent favorite is Hunt of the Wilderpeople, set in New Zealand. We haven’t had the chance to explore the South Island yet, but it’s on the list! Another cheesy but fun favorite: Midnight in Paris (you can tell Team C&C is still daydreaming of the City of Love since Christmas in our cozy French apartment).

Karangahake, New Zealand

Karangahake, New Zealand


On my quest to live like Parisian women (complete with lots of bread and not exercising) I’ve been working on my French. According to Duolingo, I’m 35 percent fluent, but I’m not even sure I could put together a real sentence for you. Sidenote: Watching Netflix shows in different languages is also fun. This girl is currently watching Grace and Frankie in French, and while I was already a fan of the show, it seems so much more fun in French.


If you haven’t noticed yet, we love food. Love. It. Buying baguettes is one of the easiest ways for us to pretend we’re still in France, but my husband (read: The Cook) likes to try to incorporate our travels into dinner every once in awhile. Or even better, go somewhere else, like a French restaurant, so we can have fun and not do dishes when all is said and done.

For any Iowans reading this, Baru 66 is a go-to for French food, while we’re also waiting to try out the new Australian cafe downtown.

And lastly...

Just book the trip.

This is by far my husband’s favorite fix. While spontaneous international trips tend to be a little overwhelming for me, I’m all for a little road trip or weekend trip. A personal favorite of Team C&C is Charleston - we’ve been there almost annually since we’ve been together. As Mr. C&C always says, “I’ll always spend money on a good experience.” For him, this is either wine, a video game, or a vacation.

Charleston, SC. 

Charleston, SC. 

If you're suffering from a terrible case of wanderlust without the ability to just get up and go wherever you're wanting, these are our tips for you. Do you have any additions? Let us know in the comments!